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Summer’s Done!

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

This summer, St. Bernard Eco-Tourism at The Wharf on Bienvenue was a hive of activity, hosting a range of engaging events and initiatives for both kids and professionals. We also took significant steps to strengthen our partnerships with coastal stewards. While these activities may not be new to our more experienced crew members and owners, what is truly exciting is the expansion of our core team.

Our summer team roster welcomed a talented group of individuals who have been instrumental in taking our initiatives to the next level. Among them are Roy Lalli, April Bellow, Sophia Bevins, Travis Troxclair, Erin Reine, Kylie McDonald, Austin Hibbs, Olivia Bergeron, Aaliyah Forbes, and Christian Ferrin. This dedicated team has been hard at work, building upon our strong foundation, expanding our concessions offerings, increasing our capacity for educational opportunities, and contributing in various ways to drive growth.

Here are some highlights of the activities and events we hosted this summer:

  • Nunez Youth Summer Career Development: We collaborated with speakers from Alliance Terminal, Louisiana SeaGrant, Grow Green Fingers, Chefs Brigade, and our own team at St. Bernard Ecotourism to discuss the diverse career pathways available in our region. Participants engaged in various activities, from kayaking to touring boats, and even took a tour ride to explore the “Great Wall of Louisiana.”

  • Mississippi River Delta Institute: We were delighted to welcome the dynamic educators of the Mississippi River Delta Institute into our Bienvenue Room. They engaged in immersive learning, "one river" thinking activities, and professional development sessions. Following their sessions, they embarked on an airboat tour of Bayou Bienvenue.

  • STEM Directors Tour: Louisiana STEM directors joined us for an ecotour after a day of meetings and updates from across the state. We provided them with a unique Bayou Bienvenue learning experience, mixed with a fun playlist and dance party on our PonTune, making for a perfect end to their day.

  • Restore the Mississippi River Delta: We were honored to host team leaders from various coastal partners, including the National Wildlife Federation, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, Audubon Nature Institute, and Pontchartrain Conservancy. They enjoyed a Coastal Dinner & Storytelling event by Gatâ, a Filipino Pop-up, followed by a memorable sunset cruise—a custom, retreat-style experience that left everyone delighted.

Apart from these fantastic programs, The Wharf on Bienvenue also experienced a record-breaking summer with tourists flocking in to enjoy NOLA Pedal Barge's Booze Cruise. The stage is set for an exciting period of growth as we move beyond the summer season’s brutal heat.

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