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ST. Bernard


We invite you, your friends, families, classrooms,  and colleagues to embark on an enlightening journey through the breathtaking Bayou Bienvenue. Discover the intricacies of wetland loss, coastal restoration, biodiversity, local history, and more! St. Bernard EcoTourism offers a unique invitation to connect, learn, and leave a positive impact on our coastal wetlands. 


Choose your next adventure!

Passengers ride and airboat and take photos on scenic Bayou Bienvenue in the Greater New Orleans Area

airboat ecotour

Teens from Nunez Summer Camp looking over the edge of a Pontoon Boat on a coastal expeirence field trip

Coastal Experience
Field Trip

Passengers of PonTune Cruise signing Karaoke and playing guitar

Pon-tune cruise

Kayakers smiling and holding oars above their heads on Bayou Bienvenue

kayak rentals 

New Orleans Pedal Barge Logo

New orleans pedal barge

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